David Benello, Essex Villas & Tanglewood House

We completed two major projects with Keith, Andy and the team at Elston in three years. The first a complete overhaul of our home in the Phillimore Estate and the second, a major addition and full remodelling of our home in Oxfordshire.

A number of factors distinguish working with Andy and Keith.

Their work and detail orientation is outstanding. The project management skills are truly staggering, integrating different strands of the project to meet deadlines and drive momentum. They are amazingly user-friendly and their long-established team share their client-service values. They would always greet us with a smile and be willing to help out with whatever odd job needed doing, even carrying heavy furniture up many flights of stairs just to check fit. This lovely attitude also extends to building and maintaining terrific terms with even the most difficult neighbours, which really reduces the stress on one as a client. They respect deadlines, despite uncertainties and new additions. They have a knack for knowing which decisions to check with the client and which to just get on with.