Léonie Booth-Clibborn, Phillamore Gardens

Our house was one of Elston’s first projects. Completed in 1999, it was a huge project for our townhouse home, which included reforming the entire internal structure and refurbishment throughout. We became very fond of the team and formed a great relationship with them over the course of two years.

Back then, mobile phones were not smart, plans were large, paper-based sheets, and fax was still a popular way to communicate, but the planning was meticulous and well in advance of any work beginning, which made it much easier for all involved. We ended up living on the top two floors with our three toddler daughters while heavy works were being carried out downstairs and there was never an issue. In fact, it was all very easy.

The Elston team were extremely accommodating. Chris Ashton, our project lead, was brilliant. Not only did he oversee everything – giving us one point of contact – but as the project progressed, he advised of any recommended changes to plans to ensure an even better result, which we appreciated. For Elston, the highest quality finish is always front of mind.